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The Road Map to Remote Monitoring Solutions
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Our mission is to advance agriculture through the effective use of technology and information systems while improving carbon offset credit compliance and revenue generation.


Purdue Research Park  
Better Manage the Variability of Soil Productivity
" A more cost-effective and less time-consuming way to manage variability is the use of site-specific management zones (SSMZ)...The use of a management -zone system to better manage this variability of soil productivity should increase Nitrogen-use efficiencies in agroecosystems, reduce Nitrogen losses, maintain or increase yields, increase farmers’ economic returns, and conserve water quality. "
- Rajiv Khosta, Kim Fleming, Tim M. Shaver, and Dwayne G. Westfall, Colorodo State University and Jorge A. Delgado, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Services.