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CropVision- Agriculture

The current CropVision products are derived from multi-spectral LandSat satellite imagery collected from 1989 to the present, utilizing a proprietary and patented process. Currently, VanCoe offers Hindsite delivered via CD, however, a web interface is being implemented to facilitate field identification and delivery of the processed products as well as a gateway to our growing geo-spatial data library.

HindSite-H (Historical)

provides customers with an historical overview and quantitative assessment of past production and physical characteristics of a field with minimal grower involvement.  HindSite-H analyzes over 20 years of the field's soil, plant health and yield variability layers along with local or regional climatic conditions.  This analysis then determines production potential and geo-locates atypical areas of interest.  This allows a grower to quantify progress of past management decision, target further testing, and prioritize which fields have the highest potential of return for dollars invested for fertility, irrigation or land improvement.  This cost effective program allows a grower to better plan and evaluate the return on every input dollar based upon accurate historical performance.  HindSite-H retails for $9.95/ acre.

HindSite-A (Annual)

provides an annual update to HindSite-H, this allows growers to track progress of management decisions and quantify the results.  HindSite-A retails for $1.95/ acre.