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CropFeed products are the final step in TopCrop solutions. CropFeed products allow the customer to act upon the information gained from CropVision and CropTalk, by providing quantifiable information for a more informed decision, when choosing to adopt a new technology or new management technique. From field specific design of a subsurface irrigation system to monitoring a crop's growth at every stage, we can more effectively "feed" the right nutrients. Critical nutrients like water, nitrogen, micro nutrients and even oxygen are delivered in the right amount at the right time. CropFeed products increase yields and decrease input cost by over 40% improving the growers' profitability and sustainability of our resources.

cropfeed-d (design)

is an imagery based tool for designing surface and subsurface irrigation systems.  With this tool, VanCoe can identify soil structures and past crop performance to better match emitter output to water holding capacity and plant water use.  Utilizing CropFeed-D helps design an overall system that maximizes efficiency and minimizes wter stress on the crop.  CropFeed-D retails for $15/acre.

cropfeed-E (Equipment)

is the nutrient delivery system that allows a grower to provide the right amount of nutrients at the right time, maximizing input utilization and crop performance.

cropfeed-m (managment)

is an advanced crop management system for high level irrigation, fertilization and pest management of over 80 field crops.  This system utilizes real-time agro-meteorological and soil moisture data from the CropTalk-E system.  Crop growth models, water and nutrient use curves are analyzed to provide a "prescription" recommendation for the appropriate nutrient mix and proper delivery timing for the crop.  Providing a "just in time" nutrient "prescription" reduces crop input cost by up to 40% and increases yields over 50%.  The integrated pest and disease phenology models also alert growers to the likely presence of pest or disease for a proactive crop management approach.