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VanCoe Products

VanCoe's product line is called TopCrop Solutions and consists of

The current CropVision products are derived from multi-spectral LandSat satellite imagery collected from 1989 to the present, utilizing a proprietary and patented process. Currently, VanCoe offers Hindsite delivered via CD, however, a web interface is being implemented to facilitate field identification and delivery of the processed products as well as a gateway to our growing geo-spatial data library.

AggreSite, a sub-product of HindSite, is the carbon offset certification and acreage pooling program by which VanCoe certifies U.S. agricultural land offsets.

CropTalk provides infield data collection, monitoring and remote control of production equipment systems. These systems utilize GPRS (cell phone) based communications and have a wide variety of compatible sensors for climate, soil moisture and system monitoring. In addition, the system has the ability for remote control (turning systems on and off). Some of the standard systems include: Weather, Soil Moisture, Frost Alert, Crop Storage, Vehicle Monitoring and Automated Irrigation.

CropFeed products are the final step in TopCrop solutions. CropFeed products allow the customer to act upon the information gained from CropVision and CropTalk, by providing quantifiable information for a more informed decision, when choosing to adopt a new technology or new management technique. From field specific design of a subsurface irrigation system to monitoring a crop's growth at every stage, we can more effectively "feed" the right nutrients. Critical nutrients like water, nitrogen, micro nutrients and even oxygen are delivered in the right amount at the right time. CropFeed products increase yields and decrease input cost by over 40% improving the growers' profitability and sustainability of our resources.